about me

My name is Saiful Anwar, I was born on October ,17th 1980. Java, Indonesia.Well, I am a sort of reticent person; an introvert one especially regarding private matter. That’s why I would rather not to talk about myself. I would prefer someone else talk about me, if any. I feel it’s not comfy to speak of oneself too much. Blowing oneself horn is not my cup of tea. For the sake of clear identity, however, particularly with regard to my writing here in this blog, I need to tell readers something that may be of interests:

First, I am a Muslim, a moderate one. A good Muslim is always a moderate, Islam never allows its followers towards any path of extremity (Quran  2:143). Hatred, fanaticism or diehard-ism towards anything or anyone, therefore, is unislamic (Quran 4:135; 4:103).

Second, I am  NOT affiliated to any political party both secular or the so-called Islamist. Yet I use my voting right and therefore I have my personal preference. The party which is close to my ideals on justice, prosperity, integrity and honesty (of its workers and the elites) may own my single insignificant vote.

Third, I work with neither companies nor any institution, government or private. I run my own institution which I hope would represent my ideals which I start implementing one at a time.

Best Regards
Saiful Anwar


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